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What is Escape?

Escape is an idea that promises to take you far away from the routine, the commercial, the mundane, the expected, and the ordinary.

Escape will take you on a magical journey that allows you to embrace and explore the free expression of real art, real music, and real culture in the midst of beautiful natural settings, with like- minded souls.

Escape is many diverse artistic experiences rolled into one and behind each is a single thought; to rediscover and celebrate our Oneness through the arts.

Escape is One Thought!!

Escape believes that within all the art lies the hidden path to moksha, and each experience will bring us closer.

A unique festival started in May 2009 when a few musicians and like-minded people decided to get away from New Delhi for a few days. They chose a picturesque resort at Naukuchiatal, at the foothills of the himalayas which became their Escape.

Escape, has grown since then to become one of India’s foremost outdoor art, music & camping festival.

The Escape Festival of Art and Music, which has established itself in the past four years, is the perfect way to spend some quality time with friends and family. It is also one of the first festivals in the country set around a scenic getaway appealing to young and old alike.

Music festivals in india

Activities & Attractions

Three days. Two stages. One pristine lake. The lilt of music in the hills, the sublime experience of art, the unfettered sense of joy as you give into the magic of the moment.

Enough reasons to escape amidst the serene surroundings of Naukuchiatal. The three-day Escape Festival of Arts and Music, now in its 6th Chapter, has slowly but surely become the cause of a mass exodus of all music fans from the summer heat. The Escape Festival of Art & Music addresses the needs of a wide group of artists and audience by bringing them together under one roof. It sets the benchmark in showcasing talent and creating a unique atmosphere of creative exchange and camaraderie amongst its attendees. The ‘real time’ experience coalesces into a unique experience which can only have the fitting title term of ‘Escape’.

An initiative by Potheads, the Escape Festival of Art & Music, is a creative retreat and will feature bands, artists, writers, photographers, painters, graffiti artists, performance artists, tattoo artists and potters, in a mélange of talent. In addition to that, the festival will also feature a festival camp, adventure sports and a flea market at the breathtaking venue right on the shores of Lake Naukuchiatal, Uttrakhand. The Escape Festival of Art and Music, which has established itself in the past four years, is the perfect way to spend some quality time with friends and family.

In its 6th Chapter, The Escape Festival of Art and Music 2013 will see the performances spread over three days and two stages - The Soul Garden Stage and the Magic Forest Stage.

The Soul Garden is aimed at a listening audience with the lake as a backdrop for the stage. This stage will feature some of the most musically talented artists from the genres of Jazz, Blues, Folk, Sufi and Rock Music from the four corners of India

The Magic Forest is an EDM(Electronic Dance Music) Stage supported by an elaborate array of lights and visuals. The Magic Forest Stage will feature National and International Artists from the EDM sub-genres of Chill, Dub-step, Drum'n'Bass and Psytrance Music.

The festival also features a mini film festival, which is the screening of independently produced documentaries by National and International film makers.

In the areas of Photography, Painting, Pottery, Graffiti and other art forms outdoor exhibitions, live painting, workshops and participation programs will be the order of the day wherein one will experience art in a natural setting.


Medical Emergency Services

WHERE: In the Lake Resort Reception area.

The medical centre has an around the clock medical response crew and professional practitioners on call.

In an emergency, if you’re not near the medical centre, find a staff person with a radio, or notify the nearest security personnel.

Safety Staff

WHERE: You can find our safety staff roaming through festival ground, at the entrance to Lake Resort and the Main Block and at all the stages.

Our safety (aka, security) staff is trained to help make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe. If you have a security issue in the festival grounds, feel free to approach them.

Swimming and Boating in the Lake

The Management does not take responsibility for festival attendees who go out boating and swimming in the Lake, If an attendee chooses to do so it will be at their own risk. (Although we would advise that if you go swimming, please inform your friends or the nearest security/ festival personnel for your own safety).


The use of illegal drugs is prohibited at Escape. We encourage you to participate in the festival in a lawful and healthy manner.

Food Safety

Please don’t buy from unlicensed vendors. We work hard to ensure all food and drinks at the festival grounds are good and safe. And really, if you buy something from an unlicensed vendor, you have no idea what you’re getting. There will be lots of great stuff to buy from official Escape vendors, who deserve your business, not least because they have made a real commitment to support the Escape Festival.



Music festivals in india



This tribute evening is a celebration of all that is truly good about the Indian music fraternity - all of which was embodied in one man, Gyan Singh.

Gyan Singh, who left us last year, was a key member of iconic Indian bands - Skinny Alley and its alter ego Pink Noise, who have been in the Indian music scene for decades and regulars at the Escape Festival. Jayshree, Amyt, Jivraj and indeed Gyan are family and represent not just the dizzing heights of great musicianship but also the class, grace and humanity of a kind that is rarely seen nowadays.

Gyan, first and foremost was a kind, soft spoken, gentle and funny man who had time for everyone. He was also one of the finest and most tasteful bass players in the country. A great supporter of Escape, he was always mobbed by other festival goers.

The Escape Festival which at its core stands for the coming together of the human spirit through the joy of art and music would like not just to dedicate this day to the man, but to also celebrate all the things Gyan loved and stood for.

- By Abhinav Dhar, Musician and a dear friend of the band and the festival

"An evening of the music he loved and played... with friends and fellow musicians Lew Hilt, Bruce Lee Mani, Warren Mendonsa and Bertie DaSilva. You're going to miss a good one, Baba G!"

- By Jay Singh, Gyan's band mate and life mate.

Music festivals in india

Thermal And AQuarter

“Thermal And A Quarter… is on the vanguard of the Indian Rock scene” -­‐ National Public Radio (All Things Considered), USA

Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) is a path-­‐breaking band from Bangalore, India. TAAQ describes its music as ‘Bangalore Rock’; a sound as unique and layered as the fast-­‐ growing city of its birth. Imagine a Phish-­‐meets-­‐ Steely Dan-­‐via-­‐Mahavishnu-­‐ Orchestra vibe: the TAAQ sound is all that and more. Through the last 16 years, TAAQ has played all over India, completed tours in the USA, the United Kingdom, West Asia, China and South-­‐East Asia, released five studio albums, opened for acts like Guns N’ Roses, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull, and won awards for individual musicianship as well as overall contribution to ‘Indian Rock’.

clubs to arena-­‐size venues, TAAQ’s stellar musicianship, hard-­‐hitting lyrics, and fluid improvised style make every gig unique.

Music festivals in india


Albummed (1999), Hook EP (2002), & Procrastination (2005).

Blackstratblues is a solo project of Warren Mendonsa, who is a guitarist, composer, and record producer. After picking up the guitar at the age of 5, Warren would go on to play rhythm guitar in a few local bands with friends Siddharth Coutto (drums), & Girish 'Bobby' Talwar (rhythm guitar, bass). Sometime around 1997-98, they would form Zero, with Rajeev Talwar on vocals. Over the years, Zero grew to enjoy nationwide popularity in India. With Warren, Zero released 2 albums & an EP - Albummed (1999), Hook EP (2002), & Procrastination (2005).

Besides his work in Zero, Warren recorded & released numerous instrumentals - Christmas In July, Spitleaf, & Evil, to name a few popular songs - which enjoyed some fame on online music forums like Gigpad, &Harmony Central. He was also involved in many online collaborations with musicians - most notably Adam Martin, Ed DeGenaro, & Zorran Mendonsa - which resulted in a few songs. In late 2004, Warren moved to Auckland, New Zealand, thereby quitting Zero. During this period, he was also a highly sought-after recording engineer &session guitarist in Bombay, having worked on various film soundtracks, ad jingles, & other albums.

Music festivals in india


Winner of 2012 Best Indian Act At MTV Europe Music Awards

Winner of 2012 Best Indian Act At MTV Europe Music Awards - Alobo Naga & The Band (ANB) is an Indian rock outfit from Dimapur, Nagaland, formed in 2010. Since 2010, the band has consisted of members Alobo Naga (lead vocals, songwriter, and keyboards), Akum James (lead guitar, backing vocal), Fung Walling (bass guitar, backing vocals), Sumika Yepothomi (Turntables) and Pamei (Drums). The band rose to fame in 2011 with their video single 'Painted Dreams' which was an instant hit; it was premiered in August 2011 at VH1. The popularity of the video also helped the band to earn themselves MTV Europe Music Awards 2012 nominations under Best Indian Act/Worldwide Act.

To date, Alobo Naga & The Band have released one four song extended play- Painted Dreams (2010), hit video single 'Painted Dreams' in 2010 and extended dub step version of 'Painted Dreams' ft DJ Ina in 2012. The band long play or full-length studio effort will be released by January 2013.

Alobo Naga & The Band's music has been associated mostly with progressive rock because all the five members like different genres and their music reflects the progression of influence from all genres. Their lyrics are mostly based on youth, society and love.

Music festivals in india


Winner of 2012 Best Indian Act At MTV Europe Music Awards.
Arsh Sharma and Srijan Mahajan

FuzzCulture is a two piece electronic music outfit from New Delhi, India Comprising of Arsh Sharma and Srijan Mahajan. Evolving from a project which has spent over a year and a half in the studio to a full-fledged live act , FuzzCulture is an act which aims to combine melody and groove within a framework of mix-tape experimentation. FuzzCulture's live shows promise to be ripe with energy, and you would be advised to come prepared for a full fledged roller-coaster ride.

Srijan Mahajan is also the Drummer for Parikrama, Half Step Down,And Cyanide and has played over 500 shows in the country and all over the world.Srijanis also a full time producer at Studio Fuzz and is currently involved in projects on televison and in film.

Arsh Sharma is also the Guitarist/Vocalist for The Circus and has played over 150 Shows in the country and abroad. Arsh is also a full time producer at Studio Fuzz and is currently involved in projects on televison and in film.

Music festivals in india


"The Trickery of Being"

One of the youngest producers on the block in the Indian scene Shantam believes in only paying his own compositions. His sound is really fresh and a mix of a multiple genres ranging from deep chill to groovy progressive psychedelic.

His school of thought is truly original, with a debut album on its way and a couple of singles soon to be released. Shantam is one talented Live Act to watch out for.

Recently Shantam also produced his Debut album "The Trickery of Being" which has been getting great responses worldwide.

Music festivals in india


‘The New Delhi ska act have been winning accolades all over for their brilliant stage act, but their album was in every sense one of the best album of 2012’ – NH-7

The Ska Vengers is a new Delhi based band who blend ‘ska’ rhythms with elements of dub, punk, jazz and rap to come up with a form of music that is refreshingly different, energetic and highly danceable.

Keys man, Stefan Kaye rounded up a few of his musician friends to form the band in the fall of 2009. The band was put together since there was a lack of energetic, harder edged dance based live music in India.

Music festivals in india

Sanchal Malhar

lead singer and guitarist of the Band Superfuzz/Indigo children.

Sanchal Malhar is the lead singer and guitarist of the Band Superfuzz/Indigo children. He along with his band have generated a buzz in the Indian rock scene, no doubt catapulted by their success as the winners of the 2005 edition of Campus Rock Idols as well as winners of The Great Indian Rock festival '06 & the 2007 edition of Channel [V] Launch pad.

These competitions brought him Nation wide attention among the underground rock scene and built the foundation for a large fan-base. He has toured extensively in India and abroad and his band was one of the few chosen to represent India in Singapore for Sutasi, a reality television show, featuring talent across Asia; as well as work with renowned producer John Leckie as a part of the British Council's Soundpad.

As a part of the Soundpad project, Sanchal and his band went on a 2 - week tour of the United Kingdom; playing at festivals and venues such as 'The great escape festival, Brighton' and 'the Barfly'. He has also opened for Bryan Adams and Backstreet boys and he is currently working on his debut album.

Music festivals in india


Tarqeeb (Translation: Plan) is Ashish Jose


Tarqeeb (Translation: Plan) is Ashish Jose. A seeker of hedonism through rhythm, philanthropy through music-making, he formed his moniker in the summer of 2012. The idea was always simple--promotion of quality EDM, minus the little labels and the big boxes. The only constants remain deep, groovy bass-lines, dark atmospheres and a trajectory that ultimately crescendos into high energy dance music. Coming from a Metal (bassist) and Psychedelic trance background, his sets innately include a generous dose of live sampling, layering and an overall vibe that could be defined as 'eclectic.'

His influences run deep. Think older heavyweights like Photek, LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush, BSE, Concord Dawn as well as producers like Alix Perez, Rockwell, Mefjus, Foreign Concept as a representation of the newer breed of the same.

Music festivals in india

Ez Riser

solo project of Sohail Arora

Formed in Oct 2012, Ez Riser is the solo project of Sohail Arora pushing cutting edge Electronica, Glitch Hop, Breaks, Bass House & IDM.

Sohail is also the founder of Krunk, India's finest booking agency which represents artists like BBC, Delhi Sultanate & Reggae Rajahs

Sohail is also the founder of Krunk, India's finest booking agency which represents artists like BBC, Delhi Sultanate & Reggae Rajahs

Music festivals in india


mixture of shifting blues guitars and harmonic love melodies

"Starting out in 2008, Faridkot has been a regular act on Delhi stages and beyond. Riding in early on the wave of sufi music influx they have carved out a cult following for themselves in the North. Faridkot's music is a mixture of shifting blues guitars and harmonic love melodies blended around a thumping percussion and bass. Described in certain circles as Confused Pop.

IP Singh provides the voice and the words of Faridkot, with Sonam harmonizing the vocals. Backing the Hindi poetry is Rajarshi Sanyal on electric guitar, Nikhil Rufus Raj on bass and Sahil Mendiratta on percussion.

So come with us. If you like to dance. If you like to groove to a mean rythm beat. Come with us. If you like your lightworks aural and you like your music well coloured. Come with us. If you like the night in all its glory, if you like the way we sing your story.

Faridkot is currently working on their second album, yet un-named."

Music festivals in india


Deep and purely psychedelic

Arjuna was born in the Himalayas in India in 1982 Ever since, he has had a unique and interesting journey through life. He grew up in Goa, the mecca of psy trance, where he saw the birth and evolution of this mystical genre.

Arjuna started collecting psytrance DATs and mini disks at a very early age. His neural frequencies were first touched by artists such as Logic Bomb, GMS, SystemBusters, Deedrah. At the age of 19, Arjuna got his first shot behind the decks and there was no looking back.

Meeting with Giuseppe Parvati and Teo Discovalley gave Arjuna's music taste a new direction - deep and purely psychedelic. Pioneers such as Digital Talk, Psychotic Micro, Azax Syndrome, Kindzadza became his idols and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened and Arjuna started experimenting with his own sounds with a Playstation game called Music 2000. He first observed friends working at the prestigious Discovalley studio (Chapora, Goa) and then sank into more serious programming and knob tweaking on cubase.

After proving his metal as a dj in Goa, Arjuna was signed by Parvati records to represent their sound as a label DJ. By this time he had also started to perform at partys and small festivals in and around Europe. His Dj sets are a mix of organic sounding groovy dancefloor shaking bombs produced by some of his favorite artists and friends - Atriohm, Jahbo, Syntax Error, Dronebixie, Onkel Dunkel, Gidra, Encephalopaticys and Farebi Jalebi. Since Goa was installed very early in Arjuna's system, he always had a natural instinct to cast his spell and get people moving on the dance floors. In order to improve his own sounds, Arjuna took up an electronic music production course at S.A.E. and soon after, broke through with his very first release on Parvati records.

Music festivals in india


a.k.a Nikhil Kaul

Frame/Frame a.k.a Nikhil Kaul cant be described as the usual sound or noise. It’s a territory. It’s a scene in a movie. It’s an environmment he creates, An architect of moods and spaces. He brings a fresh innovation to the sound, combining a kaleidoscopic arsenal of the smooth, crunchy, melodic, synhhy, dirty and raw. channelling hip-hop, D&B and bass music sensibilities into a pedigree all of his own.

Recently, Frame/Frame has opened for Amercan glitch-hop heavyweight Michal Menert, played at India Fashion week and played alongside forward thinking local artists such as Dualist Inquiry? Teddy Boy Kill, Sulk Station and Mdboy/Mink.

This is of course not to mention being picked as ‘artist of the week’ by nadabrahma.co.uk, being listed as one of the top 5 producers to watch out for in 2013 by www.bordermovement.com, as well as one of the top 4 new electronica acts to watch out for this year by Rock Street Journal.

Music festivals in india

Dirty Saffi

(Bom Shanka Music, UK)

The hard twisted acid soaked offspring of the romantically intertwined DJ Nuky and Al Psymmmetrix.

With a mission to rock dance floors with hard psy-trance straight from the heart chakra combining animal passion and sharp mind shattering production. Anti-pro-demonic leads washed and hung out to dry while bass lines bigger than an elephants charge at the speed of sound.

Highly charged positive trance looking towards a post-electronic soundscape built on silky smooth production and powered by love... this is Dirty Saffi!

Music festivals in india

Post-Modern Pundit

Post-Modern Pundit (PMP), Aviral Sharma,

Post-Modern Pundit (PMP), Aviral Sharma, began his journey in electronica through an intellectual interest in music, which was genetically defined by his mother as an exponent of ‘Sitar’ and a teacher of Indian classical music (instrumental: Sitar) in Delhi University.

Over the past decade, PMP inculcated a deep sense of music. The desire to express his inner-self motivated him towards innovating psychedelic music at underground parties in 2008, with the overpowering objective to understand the psychedelic experience . Having intentionally kept himself out of visibility of the public, he has finally emerged to lay bare his talent before the discerning and appreciative listeners of the psytrance genre.

Post-Modern Pundit, combines power-knowledge relationship of post-modernism and the art of excellence of a Pundit.

His performance will help you ESCAPE into an heavenly trance dance experience .

Music festivals in india


(Digital Shiva Power Records, India)

WHITE WIZARD is Sandy Sharma, From the silent hills of India - (Dalhousie.Himachal) brought up in Delhi. He has been following electronic music since 1997. Along with that he has been a Resident dj for some of the best night clubs around. Later his passion for learning more styles of music drove him towards Psychedelic sounds , and started to playing in the Underground parties in India. After much experience and knowledge, he started to experiment with his own sounds . Thats where the WHITE WIZARD was born . He also has solo side projects Mind Game, & Vs project Mitre Mandal with close friend Farebi Jalebi.

Inspired from of the Nature around . His music is based on the magical sounds of the forest, heavy atmospheres and distorted leads,floating from lower to higher frequencies drilling though the brains of his audience .

Released worldwide on - Parvati records , Digital Shiva Freaks , Lycantrop records, No Comments Records , Samsara recs , Omveda recd and many more .

Music festivals in india


(Digital Shiva Power Records, Japan)

Dj Tadayan is a product of the underground psychedelic setting in the mystical land of Japan. Originating from the city of Osaka, truly a psychedelic traveller, performing for trance dancers all over the globe. Back in 2003, he started to mix Psy trance in clubs and outdoor parties. Over the years he has orchestrated dance floors all over Europe, Asia and Australia. His DJ sets are well crafted with groovy, deep and driving tunes. In 2010, announced his label Digital ShiVa Power by releasing one of the best compilations that year, titled 'Boom ShiVa Freaks'. The second edition 'Shakti TandaV' followed in 2012 and by then DSP has become a well established name in the global psychedelic community.

Tadayan took matters up a notch in 2012 when he channeled all the lessons learned behind the decks to a studio chair and started producing his own music. Since then, he has been developing his own brand of groovy (dark?) psychedelic trance.

Music festivals in india


(B.A.B.A Records, Austria)

A Delhi based dj/producer and Over 14 years as a deejay, Vikrant rathore aka AUDIOGRAMME aka VIAL has performed in various cities around the world. Studying music from one of the most reputable schools in London, called Point Blank studios, he has excelled in producing and remixing his own unique sounds giving him the opportunity to work with top international and domestic deejays and earning him the reputation of a console master

Currently signed up with some of the top record labels like GTA (global techno alliance Austria), B.A.B.A recs(Austria) and UNIVERSAL DANCE RECORDS (AUSTRALIA) has been releasing his sounds on beatport and iTunes and has been getting great support for top artistes and producers.

His new avatar "VIAL" has been focused on producing and performing live psychedelic morning trance while his unique deep tech and prog sounds are being constructed under his well known project "AUDIOGRAMME"

His sets are usually comprised of deep baselines with progressive elements infused with trance on a hybrid with tech/techno. This years and Asia’s biggest electronic music festival SUNBURN will see not one but two sets by AUDIOGRAMME both live and dj one for TOOLROOM RECS and the other for the after dark main stage

After doing his sets/residencies in clubs like MINISTRY OF SOUND, POISON, ZOUK, BLUE FROG, FABRIC, and doing weekly residencies in clubs like “THE UNDERGROUND” & “POLYESTERS” in London Audiogramme has come a long way. he has shared the console with artistes like PVD, SKAZI, Mylo, Judge Jules,X-NOIZE, Marcel Woods, Solar Stone, Guy Preston, Stephen K, Andrew Chow, Tiefchwarz, Mathew Decay, Space Cat, Dj Bushwhack, Carl Cox, Nick Warren and Stephen k just to name a few and give him the opportunity to take his music to a more global audience and has helped him understand the meaning of club culture in a true His sets, both live and dj in festivals like INDRASAN FESTIVAL, IBIZA MAYHEM, SUNBURN,PUSHKAR MELA, BEYOND SPIRIT FESTIVAL in Himachal and MOUNTAIN MADDNESS in Nepal has made him a well recognized face in the electronic dance community. A fast growing producer with a degree in music production and the strive to produce quality electronic dance music has surely landed him the likes of many top artiste. He is one the few remaining djs who supports the cause of buying music and not piracy and hence one can clearly spot the difference when his sets include only high quality WAVs being played…it’s a boom.. Being and extensive traveler his search for global sounds becomes endless

Music festivals in india



Playing at an open air in India after almost 5 years. One can expect music for the night - atmospheric and organic - 2 words which go hand in hand with a characteristic K.T set. He looks forward to playing some good old Scandinavian jungle melodies :-)

Music festivals in india

Toshanbor Singh Nongbet

A gifted singer and a versatile vocalist

Toshanbor Singh Nongbet popularly known as Toshan is a gifted singer and a versatile vocalist who developed his love for music at a tender age of 10. Without any formal training he ventured into the world of Opera having listened to maestros like Pavaroti, Placido Domingo and others .He has been a member of the Aroha Choir from 2011. He filled in as a bass but he is truly a tenor and has featured as a soloish in many occasions. In 2012 end, Toshan reached the final round of the reality show “India’s Got Talent’ Season 4 and was declared the 4th Runners up. Toshan’s aim is to popularize Opera in India and has also recently made plans to tour abroad in places such as Geneva and Coax in Switzerland, New York in The USA and Germany.

Music festivals in india


(Bom Shanka Music, UK)

The two producers that make Psymmetrix are Al and Richie.

They have been writing music together since Winter 04/05, quickly forming a well received live set that they debuted at the 'Liquid Futures' NYE party. Since this time they have been either hard at work in the Psymmetrix studio or out playing their live set in many different countries and continents. November 2007 saw the hotly anticipated release of their first album 'Twin Headed Monster'.

The monster was released after months of hard genetic-sonic programming and thorough dance floor testing and was preceded by releases on Doof, Wildthings, Peak, Pharpsyde, Free Radicals, and Looney Moon.

July 2009 saw the release of their 2nd album 'Psymmetrix and Other Animals' and in December 2011 they released their 3rd album 'No More Milking it'. Now they continue to write more killer Psymmetrix tracks, as well as their solo projects (Asimilon & Dirty Saffi) and also 'Big Scary Monsters' with Illegal Machines in between a hectic international gig schedule.

Music festivals in india

RUN! It’s the Kid

An Indie music act based out of New Delhi.

RUN! It’s the Kid is an Indie music act based out of New Delhi. Though the act had been in the process of construction for over a year, it was finally formed in the first couple of days of 2013. Its members are Dhruv Bhola and Shantanu Pandit. Some of the artists that influence the sound are : The Lumineers, The Tallest Man on Earth, Andrew Bird, Mellow Peaches, Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Blind Pilot.

Music festivals in india


Loopbaba released his debut album entitled, "Obscurity",

Loopbaba is the lighter EDM style of Apo from New Delhi, currently working as an Environment Educator in a Delhi school. Apo has been making music for short films and documentaries since 2009 and has recently ventured in to performing his music live.

Loopbaba released his debut album entitled, "Obscurity", on 13.12.11, which was a collection of multi-genred electronic music from 2004-2010.

Apo's other project is his psychedelic dance music project Dar Kapo.

Music festivals in india

wAgA wAgA
(Acroplane Records, UK)

wAgAwAgA has been journeying the musical realms of techno, acid, electronica, dub, jungle, psychedelia, synthesizer space music for over 10 years. These musical journeys have taken wAgAwAgA to different corners of the globe in search of new ideas and new audiences. Currently residing in Bristol, UK. His home is an audio studio crossed with a mad inventors lab, wires crossing over wires and piles of percussion stacked up all around. He is blending the organic sounds of nature with the technological magic of synthesized sound. Combining live Dub rhythms and bass with psychedelic synth echoes and watery space ripples. Touches of indian influence echo through the music, as samples drift over the electronic throng!

also ive attached a hi-res png file of a logo for myself.

Music festivals in india

(Insomnia Records, Israel)

David Semo aka. Diko Has Been Producing Psytrance under the name Technical Hitch/Crying Orc since 2004.

Based in Israel, Technical Hitch soundscapes will take your mind to the unique place on the dance floor with special colors and deep Hi Tech feeling of madness.

He wants to share all the crazy ideas crawling around in his mind to give the crowd a unique musical quest to the unknown

He has collaborated with artists such as: Psykovsky, Zoolog, JellyHeadz, Kindzadza,Troglodytes,Derango, Baphomet Engine,and Srul.

Music festivals in india


Atul Ahuja, with his magical voice and enchanting music, has enthralled audiences the world over, including Canada, India and the US. Prominent musicians globally have accompanied him. Atul's voice and music will rock you and keep you asking for more. He will perform in the genre of rock'n'roll and classic rock.



Music festivals in india



2002 National Award for Design of 14th Nov 2002 Commemorative Stamp on "Children's Day"

Studied Bachelor of Technology at Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU) - Faculty of Engineering and Technology (2008)
in Art, DCA, Delhi (2009)

Aakash Anand is essentially a self-taught artist, who has taken the tough journey to move forward by developing his own trajectory. A computer engineer by training, he has chosen to pursue his calling – art -- as his interest and passion lay there. Ever willing to experiment, he gives a lot of thought before embarking on any series and has the conviction and capability to carry it through. His earlier series in black and white art won him several accolades and a staunch following. He has participated in several group shows in various cities and his works are in collections both in Asia and Africa.The artist lives and works in Bangalore.

Music festivals in india


In 2010, I decided to dedicate my life to thought/philosophy and understanding different media of expression or art. I wanted to try and live a life -- where work is life and life is work. This was after having gone through an engineering college and later tasting the bitterness of the corporate world for two years. Soon, I realised that I didn't belong where I found myself to be.


  • http://passingby-ihavetosay.blogspot.in/
  • http://1x.com/member/goswamipiyush
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    PallaviRajkhowa, is a self taught artist, currently working as a Researcher at the International Food Policy and Research Institute. Her inspiration lies in her surroundings and the people she meets on a daily basis. A large part of her work focuses on contemporary global issues and geo-politics.

    Music festivals in india


    Fashion | Film | Fine Art

    An ethically sound fashion label claims its foundations with the wandering tribes of Himachal Pradesh, a northern hill state in India. For Nitin Bal Chauhan traditional fabric origins, techniques and authentic garment choices are a seasonal reality. The journey of the label began right after Nitin, the creative director, graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, in the year 2002. Right after his graduation he vanished from the city life and took refuge in the laps of The Himalayas, not to be seen for the next four years. There this eccentric artist turned fashion designer, apart from sketching, worked for the upliftment of the crafts of Himachal Pradesh, which resulted in the formation of an NGO by the name of SEWA HIMALAYA. This NGO was started by him in collaboration with one of his friends and the Himachal Pradesh Government.

    Music festivals in india


    I graduated from a fine art College in 2008(New Delhi, India), primarily an artist who like to experiment with many mediums; I never intended to restrict myself just to Painting, Illustrating and Photography. I use them separately as well as fuse them together digitally and otherwise.

    After college i moved to Cambodia as an Art Director, Where my subjects of photography evolved from Street photography to individual involvement to the subjects and their relationship with their particular environment. Unconsciously i realised how things eventually fall in places to give shape to a particular situation. Its takes its own course, takes its own time.

    The photograph which may seem spontaneous is actually not. The situation which may seem to be random is been building on since ages to give it that particular shape. It reaches equilibrium even in that randomness and chaos. So all the candid things on the streets became familiar and I found a new kind of respect for them. I can only explain in terms of Japanese form of Aesthesis – Wabi- Sabi, A Concept which deals with the beauty of imperfect, Impermanent and incomplete, growing gracefully with time.



    Music festivals in india



    SHAMIANA is Asia's largest and fastest growing short film club. With regular chapters spread across 10 cities (including 2 international centers), the club has been spearheading the short-film viewing culture in India. The club is known for its lively and vibrant screenings at premier cultural hubs such as BlueFrog, Natrani, Alliance Francaise etc and now the Escape Festival of Arts & Music.


    DEATH OF THE SHADOW |Oscar nomination 2011|

    Richie is about to end his life in desperation when he has to look after his 9 years old niece for a few hours and things change. Dur: 15 minutes

    GOD OF LOVE *Oscar winner 2011*

    Raymond Goodfellow is desperately in love with a fellow band-mate, but she only has love for his best friend. The crooner prays daily to God for a way for his beloved to fall in love with him. One evening, his prayers are answered when he's given a box of magical darts with Cupid-like powers. Raymond decides to use the darts to make his own love connection



    • Day 1 Pass: Rs 1,000
    • Day 2 Pass: Rs 1,000
    • Day 3 Pass: Rs 1,000
    • Season Pass: Rs 2,500


    Music festivals in india

    About Our Venue

    Music festivals in india

    Lost within acres of Oak Forest in the central Himalayas and hidden amongst the picturesque surroundings, The Lake Resort nestles quietly in Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand. Spread over 70 acres of serene oak forest; this resort is situated at 4320 ft. above sea level. Home to more than 135 species of Birds, making it a bird watcher's paradise.

    This area falls in the buffer zone between the Palearctic and the Indo-Malayan climates. It has a Flora and fauna from both sides making it a picturesque setting with its large variety of multitude trees, flowers, shrubs and plants. Music festivals in india One can experience nature in full bloom as one wanders the trail by the lake. Along which one can find orchids and ferns in abundance. There are many quiet spots for keen anglers as well. Explore the nine corners of the naukuchiyatal. Folklore has it that if anyone finds a place that has a view of all nine corners of the lake, they'll attain nirvana. Located in three different blocks, the thirty tastefully furnished spacious bedrooms and ten Swiss Tents, offer a panoramic view of the lake from their large bay windows and verandahs. An Uninterrupted supply of hot & cold water and TV (with power backup) makes your stay very comfortable.
    Music festivals in india The Orchid Café offers Indian, Western and Chinese cuisines and caters to individual taste and preference. Mainly organically grown food and herbs ensure healthy meals prepared under strict standards of hygiene and quality.

    Step into the Himalayan experience.

    http://thelakeresort.in/ Music festivals in india


    How to get there?

    How to reach Naukuchiatal

    • By Air
    • The nearest airport is Pantnagar
      80km from Naukuchiatal. There are connecting bus services and private taxis plying to Naukuchiatal.

    • By Train
    • The closest rail head for Naukuchiatal is at Kathgodam 35 km away. Trains connect Kathgodam with Agra, Barily, Lucknow and Delhi. From Kathgodam one can even hire a taxi or a bus to Naukuchiatal.

    • By Bus
    • Naukuchiatal is well connected with nearby cities like Nainital (26 km) in the state. Tourist and State owned bus services are available from Delhi to Naukuchiatal. It takes about 6½hours to reach Naukuchiatal from Delhi. The route that follows is: Delhi-Rampur via Ghaziabad,Hapur,Gajrola, Moradabad (NH24), Rampur-Ranibagh(NH87), Ranibagh-Naukuchiatal via Bhimtal(District Road).

    • Getting around at Naukuchiatal
    • One can hire a local transport and move around

    For all travel & accommodation details

    Please contact our travel partner:

    Music festivals in india

    Planet India Travels (p) Ltd.

    6, Golf View Apartments, Lado Sarai, New Delhi-110030
    Tel:(+91-11)29521467,29511317, Tel/Fax:(+91-11)-29523862
    Email. mudgill@icloud.com
    Website. www.planetindiatravels.com
    Helpline: 9899101554/9818400606
    Timings: Mon-Fri:10:00 AM- 05:30 PM, Sat:10:00 AM - 1:30 PM



    White Collar Hippie is a group of travel aficionados who bring you incredible, off-beat journeys to the places they love… And they love music festivals! The perfect excuse to travel, festivals help discover new places, meet new people, explore new sounds and reconnect with the outdoors.

    These festival gypsiestravel from festival to festival, campsite in tow, setting up home by a bonfire under the stars!The smiles keep coming, the music never stops. It’s always a party with White Collar Hippie.

    CAMPING – A magical campsite only a 5min drive away from the festival, by a brook in an enchanted forest. Sleep under a tree,unwind in the leisure zone or play some board games!

    3 Nights + Festival Season Pass

    • Miss Hobbit (Dome tent with sleeping bag + Mat)
    • Rs. 8,400 per person (Twin sharing basis)
    • Rs. 7,000 per person (Triple sharing basis)
    • Mr. Longbottom (Alpine tent with beds & quilts)
    • Rs. 9,900 per person (Twin sharing basis)

    JOURNEY An intimate trip of discovery, designed around a beautiful home stay experience.We’ll mix you up with a bunch of likeminded festival junkies under one roof. At a slumber party like no other, you’ll get the chance to exchange music with your roomies and share stories over a bonfire and barbecue.

    3 Nights + Journey from and to Delhi + Festival Season Pass

    • 17,000 per person (Twin sharing basis)

    To get in touch

    • E-mail:info@whitecollarhippie.com
    • Call : +91-9930 260 748
    • Website:www.whitecollarhippie.com
    For more information visit the White Collar Hippie facebook page:
    Music festivals in india

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    Lalrinawma Tochhawng

    - Festival Director
    Email : mama@escapefestival.in

    Arnav Singhal

    - Festival Co-ordinator

    Email : arnav@escapefestival.in

    Anoop Sebastian

    - Festival Co-ordinator

    Email : anoop@escapefestival.in

    Vibhu Sharma

    - Festival Co-ordinator

    Email : vibhu@escapefestival.in

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